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New porn of movie title: instead of do the right thing. It’s; Screw the right thing.

Also a new pick up line.

"I’m gonna fuck you like you stole something!" He said

"What?" She said

"My heart." He said.

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Me singing at The National Concert in Columbus, OH

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I keep forgetting that no one is going to look out for me the way that I can.

Friends are concepts that don’t quite fit the original design. I am bad mouthed, and blamed for insecurities and faults.

Funny the lengths we go to just to fit in with the herd.

Fuck the herd. Fuck what you heard. Conflict can be the flavor this year.

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The Curse of Being Secular

I wrote this little short tonight kinda drunkenly and thinking I knew things.  What a mistake that is.

The Curse of Being Secular and Intelligent


                "There are things!" he said.
     "What kind of things" she asked.

"Powerfully stupid things in this world I mean false representations masquerading as reality.

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Shock and Awe

Shock and Awe

Bite your tongue and fall asleep. Die a little and feel the soft shaft of time, eroding the weight of a shame you cannot possibly still be feeling.
Self deprivation, keeping your thoughts on a nation that doesn’t like you. Won’t let us ride together even though we built society together.
Ridicule and shark blood. Make my way to the flood…remember the stream of thought that caught me so off my game. Rogue destructive thoughts I gotta tame.
Not good enough banish the thought, fed a line of bullshit that we bought. Hook line and sinker. Still doesn’t make us any weaker.
Nothing can always be the same state not heart break, depression or lust. Longing to connect trying break my neck to see where you come from.
Lost but not forgotten even though the state is greed and everything is rotten.
Blow your load to keep us in check when all you gotta do is get your boot heel off our fuckin neck.
Stand for humanity mother fucker and come correct!

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In the Haunted Place

         It doesn’t have to kill us, not every hour, sure we can feel the knife thrust but the wound doesn’t have to bleed all day everyday.

Things fall apart and we’re just kids with paper tiger masks.

We’re electricity branching through water.

We’re a damn cautionary tale for lovers with too much passion.

You’ve got black on your face and I got blood on my hands held tight over my eyes.

It’s a beautiful moment to watch the world end.

Just a tiny world for two, the wind was to strong we broke our backs to try and bend. Forever haunted.

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